Steel frames for benchwork are in place. I’ve noted general locations.

Benchwork is progressing. Next up is to determine lighting and install backdrop.

Primed backdrop, homasote base, and lighting.

A view looking towards the Rock River crossing.

Black curtains will eventually hide the storage areas under fascia. I will paint areas under the valance white to reflect light.

Looking from the Rock Island end.

I originally installed troffer lights which fit perfect within valance and used 5,000K daylight tubes.

After using the 5,000K troffers for some time, I decided I wanted dimmable LEDs in a warmer 4,000K light.

I also installed dimmable blue LEDs for night ops. The dimmable quality allows simulation of a moon-lit or dark night.

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  1. That’s a very neat finish that I’m hoping to emulate!

  2. Very nice – is that Masonite/hard board you are using for the fascia?

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