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I was blogging about the Milan branch at the Model Railroad Hobbyist site before I started this WordPress theme. I don’t plan to move those MRH posts over to this blog, so below is a list of topics covered at MRH and a link to get there if you’re interested.

Going forward I’ll only be blogging from this site.

• Homasote curved roadbed
• Superelevation for a branch line (cheap and easy method)
• In search of the perfect ties
• IAIS 250 sounds off
• Ambient and triggered sound for the Milan branch
• Continuous running on a point-to-point branch line!
• Ballasting approach
• In praise of Proto87 spikes!
• First time experience with Shapeways
• Soldering solution for turnout points
• Realistic power pole wire?
• Cheap but effective turnout throws
• IAIS MOW #52 resurrected
• Backdrop development and LED lights
• Inspiration fosters a plan – using a conductor in operation
• Corn, anyone?

Click on the GP10 below to go to my MRH blog:

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  1. I like the friendly feel of the new site, Scott. Has a low-key yet up to date feel to it — hey, kinda like the IAIS!

    Speaking of Iowa, have you seen the price of soybean futures lately?😀

  2. I recently, just moments ago, found this blog, as Mr. Brillinger posted it on FB .
    I also like the blog feel over the forum setting . I have bookmarked this and will be visiting often to check for updates.

    Thanks for your efforts!

    • Thanks, Andy! You can also subscribe. Look on the homepage in the lower right. This way you’ll get a notice when there’s a new post. I appreciate you following the progress. 🙂

  3. I’m so glad I found your site! I really enjoy what you are doing and appreciate the artistic approach you take. I’ll be signing up to get future updates and hope to someday be fortunate enough to see your layout in person. St. Paul is about as close as I regularly get to Iowa…maybe someday!

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