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Steel frames for benchwork are in place. I’ve noted general locations.

Benchwork is progressing. Next up is to determine lighting and install backdrop.

Primed backdrop, homasote base, and lighting.

A view looking towards the Rock River crossing.

Black curtains will eventually hide the storage areas under fascia. I will paint areas under the valance white to reflect light.

Looking from the Rock Island end.

I originally installed troffer lights which fit perfect within valance and used 5,000K daylight tubes.

After using the 5,000K troffers for some time, I decided I wanted dimmable LEDs in a warmer 4,000K light.

I also installed dimmable blue LEDs for night ops. The dimmable quality allows simulation of a moon-lit or dark night.

Take a tour via Google Maps

Runaround in Rock Island

Del’s Metals looking north

Del’s Metals

Del’s Metals looking south

31st Ave.

Sara Lee plant

Stockyard runaround just south of Sara Lee

Consumers aggregates aerial view

Rock River crossing with lattice truss bridges

Big Island road

Milan depot with Eagle Sub in the foreground

Milan runaround on Andalusia Sub

Milan runaround as it curves to the southwest

I-280 overpass looking north at the Andalusia runaround

Layout plan

Move the cursor over the layout for a closer view.

The layout room is a modest 16 x 19 feet with the layout running along the walls – 24 inches off the wall.

The Turnout runaround is in Rock Island, IL, and acts as fiddle staging. Moving south the line services three different industries before crossing the Rock River and entering Milan, IL.

In Milan, the branch splits at the town’s namesake depot with part of the line moving east (Eagle Sub) to service a food distributor and a lumber dealer. The other extension continues south (Andalusia Sub), under Interstate 280, and then turns west to service a number of different companies.

Below is a Google aerial view showing the modeled and staging segments of the layout.


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