Let there be sound!

I finished installing six small speakers around the layout. Five were installed on the fascia as you see above, and the sixth is embedded into a small river island on the Rock River.

These speakers will play sounds of the Rock River’s spillway with ambient birds,
I-280 road traffic, and random flange squeal from an ISE Arduino module. The spillway and bird sounds have a zen-like quality that puts me in a good mood.

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  1. Very nice – and a really professional installation. Looking at this, I realize I have to up my game on my fascia…

  2. Nicely done! Did you record the sound files yourself and then load them into the Arduino, or are they stock sounds?

    • So far I have downloaded sounds from YouTube and isolated the flange squeals I like and that have good variety. I’ve been encouraged by an audio engineer to make my own recordings by scraping metal together. Sounds intriguing, but I think I’ll stick with the actual prototype sounds. 🙂 I also include sounds of cars popping, and the groans we often hear trackside. This variety makes my approach unique.

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