The end is near. Or, is it a beginning?

All the IR sensors are in place for my random flange squeal system. Speakers are installed in the fascia, and I just completed a master control panel (see below).

The master panel will control random flange squeal on the three curves of the layout. The isolators in the upper left go to the three sound modules while the bottom row connectors will feed all the IR sensors. The system is designed to track locomotive speed so that the flange squeals only sound when a train is moving. When the train covers an IR sensor on either side of a curve, the sounds will play until the sensor is uncovered or the locomotive stops.

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  1. Pretty neat sequence to add that at the point of occurrence as opposed to coming from the rolling stock itself. Is this a kit from somewhere or something you’ve concocted yourself? Following your posts on proto rails and that led me to your blog here on occasion.

    • Thanks, Lee. The flange squeal system was designed and built by my friends at Iowa Scaled Engineering ( It’s installed on the layout now and works great. I just need to continue to add to the library of sounds that play randomly.

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