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This blog going forward

I was blogging about the Milan branch at the Model Railroad Hobbyist site before I started this WordPress theme. I don’t plan to move those MRH posts over to this blog, so below is a list of topics covered at MRH and a link to get there if you’re interested.

Going forward I’ll only be blogging from this site.

• Homasote curved roadbed
• Superelevation for a branch line (cheap and easy method)
• In search of the perfect ties
• IAIS 250 sounds off
• Ambient and triggered sound for the Milan branch
• Continuous running on a point-to-point branch line!
• Ballasting approach
• In praise of Proto87 spikes!
• First time experience with Shapeways
• Soldering solution for turnout points
• Realistic power pole wire?
• Cheap but effective turnout throws
• IAIS MOW #52 resurrected
• Backdrop development and LED lights
• Inspiration fosters a plan – using a conductor in operation
• Corn, anyone?

Click on the GP10 below to go to my MRH blog:

Layout room amenities

In addition to working on the layout, I like to think creatively and develop amenities that add to the flavor and comfort of the layout room. Below are some Iowa Interstate-themed items that I’ve custom created.

I rendered the IAIS logo in Adobe Illustrator and had a local sign company cut vinyl that I carefully applied and burnished onto the ceiling light.

Next, I decided to design and fabricate a neon IAIS logo for the layout room. I drew the logo up and had the black base CNC’d out of plexi, added reflective yellow type, and had a local custom neon artist create the red accent line out of neon. It hangs above one of my work surfaces.

Finally, I decided to fabricate stools for when operators come for a session. I purchased two, 30-inch stools in a weatherworn red color, and had black leather embroidered and then upholstered to fit.


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