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Protection for G-scale switch stands

I will be using G-scale switch stands to throw each turnout’s points.

One issue I had to resolve was how to protect each stand from being damaged by a wayward arm or elbow. The solution I settled on was to use bronze colored sprung door stops. If an operator gets too close from either side, the door stops should do a good job or getting their attention to avoid snapping off a stand.

Using dummy Sergent couplers – good idea?

I plan to use Sergent couplers on the layout. Much has been written about how Sergents are hard to use because of coupling issues, etc. Personally, I haven’t experienced those same issues, but I did decide to order some of the dummy couplers made by Frank Glatzl to basically cut the odds of problem coupling in half. The dummy couplers look very close to the Sergents and are considerably less expensive than the regular couplers – $.41 per coupler versus $1.16.

I plan to install one dummy and one regular coupler on each car, and as long as they face the same direction all should be good. Of course, I’ll need to use regular couplers on the front and back of each locomotive.

Once I paint the dummies to look rusty they should be good to go!

In light of Craig’s good comment below, I thought I would include a photo of the Panef Lub-a Spray graphite that I use to keep the ball bearing from freezing and locking up the knuckle.


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