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First switch stand installed

I finally installed my first G-scale switch stand on one of the Milan runaround turnouts.

I painted the targets red and green along with adding some rust on the four bolts that hold the stand in place. The points are thrown with a very simple throw arm designed and fabricated by my friend, John Klocker. As you can see in the photo below, the throw arm has several different entry points for the guide wire. In addition, I reinforced both the guide wire and vertical throw wire with aluminum tubing to help stiffen both wires.

The switch stands will add a nice, realistic touch when switching.


Protection for G-scale switch stands

I will be using G-scale switch stands to throw each turnout’s points.

One issue I had to resolve was how to protect each stand from being damaged by a wayward arm or elbow. The solution I settled on was to use bronze colored sprung door stops. If an operator gets too close from either side, the door stops should do a good job or getting their attention to avoid snapping off a stand.

Take a tour via Google Maps

Runaround in Rock Island

Del’s Metals looking north

Del’s Metals

Del’s Metals looking south

31st Ave.

Sara Lee plant

Stockyard runaround just south of Sara Lee

Consumers aggregates aerial view

Rock River crossing with lattice truss bridges

Big Island road

Milan depot with Eagle Sub in the foreground

Milan runaround on Andalusia Sub

Milan runaround as it curves to the southwest

I-280 overpass looking north at the Andalusia runaround


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