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Primer for the switch stands

I haven’t posted lately so I thought I would show my current project – priming, painting, weathering, and installing the G-scale switch stands.

I’ve only got the stands primed so far, but it won’t take long to paint the red and green targets and then add some weathering before starting to install on the turnouts already in place.  I’m looking forward to seeing how these work.


Protection for G-scale switch stands

I will be using G-scale switch stands to throw each turnout’s points.

One issue I had to resolve was how to protect each stand from being damaged by a wayward arm or elbow. The solution I settled on was to use bronze colored sprung door stops. If an operator gets too close from either side, the door stops should do a good job or getting their attention to avoid snapping off a stand.

Conquering a monster turnout

I’m hand laying my track and I have three curved turnouts to build. All three are the equivalent of #12s and needless to say that size is intimidating.

I’m pleased to report that the first one is done, and although I built it at turtle speed it works flawlessly. Building this turnout has given me the confidence to know that I can handle the others. Whew! Building the #6’s will feel like a cakewalk.

One of the benefits of hand laying is one can tweak and adjust the geometry to get everything very precise. It’s a good feeling to see a train move through silky smooth.

Second monster curved turnout completed. Whew!
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