Backdrop heaven

I finally have my backdrop installed although I still need to seal the seams and do some extra work around the river.

My friend, Bill Brillinger, took care of the print output and I’m very pleased with the color and quality results. The layout room has come alive!

Scroll over the image to zoom in.

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  1. It turned out AMAZING Scott!

  2. Scott, this is very interesting. Would it be possible to have you tell us precisely how you mounted these light panels over your layout? It there an elevated lighting shelf over your layout , shining down on the layout and the backdrop?

    How is your supporting shelf constructed? How are the panels made up? Is this white lucite panels? How are the LEDS arranged? are these neopixels, ,or what< make and model of lights?

    How are your circuits arranged, are they just zig zag arrangements of these lights behind each panel? How many lights in a string? What is the interface from the light panels to the arduino for wiring and power considerations? And lastly, can you share with us the sketch in the arduino.

    I am really interested in your complete cloud simulater "solution".

    Thanks. Bob S.

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