Scenery has started

After a long wait, I’m embarking on my adventures with scenery. To start off, I’m busy assembling the two through lattice trusses for the Rock River crossing and added a couple small details to the track. After I complete the trusses I will start on the I-280 overpass and the Andalusia section of the layout. Stay tuned. 🙂

Here are the four truss sections stacked on each other. I have a lot of work to do to get all the lattice applied, but it’s a start.
Here’s a photo of one of the Central Valley switch stands…
…and after painting, dull coating, weathering, and installation.
I also installed Hayes wheel stops on two of the industry spurs.

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  1. Very nice switch stands. I purchased a number of these years ago with the intention of using them on my layout as well. They look good! It makes me want to get to building!

  2. That bridge is going to be impressive. Are you scratchbuilding it? Styrene?

    • Hi, Colin. The bridge was designed by my friend Clark C. He gave me a basic outline to follow and that’s what I’m doing. It is styrene. The trusses are designed to attach to the bridge decks which are already in place.

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